Sedona Framework in the Field

The Sedona Alliance represents the interests of a community of developers and system integrators promoting the use of the Sedona Framework™ as an open control programming language. Originally developed by Tridium, Inc., Sedona Framework is a software environment designed to make it easy to build smart, networked, embedded devices which are well suited for implementing control applications. Development of the technology is now being assumed by a Sedona community interested in keeping this open-source technology open for all to use.

The Sedona language is ideally suited for graphical representation of control strategies. It has a similar look-and-feel to the popular Niagara Framework™ and it is IP-based. Those with experience with Niagara Framework will have no problem understanding Sedona Framework. For those without Niagara experience, the graphical representation of components linked on a wire sheet to create applications is intuitive and can be easily learned with a minimum of training.

The intention is for the Sedona Alliance to become a not-for-profit (501c) trade association created to promote Sedona Framework as an open control language available for use by the public without restriction. The Alliance represents the interests of a Sedona community consisting of developers who make Sedona products and integrators that create Sedona applications.

Initial sponsorship of the Sedona Alliance is by Contemporary Controls that is funding the Sedona Alliance's development and maintenance while contributing technical material to educate the public about Sedona. Others contribute their time and effort without compensation. Plans call for expanding membership to other founders, developers and system integrators.

The Sedona Alliance believes that the Sedona language is critical for the creation of an open building controller. There are many building controllers on the market today that utilize a closed/restricted programming tool with a proprietary programming language. Our concept of an open controller is one that:

Utilizes an open programming language for implementing control strategies

  • Sedona Framework is open source, and due to its similarity to Niagara Framework it is familiar to many integrators

Utilizes a programming tool available without restriction

  • Those without access to Niagara Workbench can use Sedona Application Editor from community member Contemporary Controls or Sedona tools from others

Fosters a community of developers and integrators that share technology for the public good

  • A Sedona community of developers and integrators exist using the resources at and the Sedona Alliance


Sedona Framework™ and Niagara Framework™ or trademarks or registered trademarks of Tridium, Inc.