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The Sedona Alliance is a loose-knit association representing the Sedona Community consisting of developers of Sedona devices, integrators who implement control strategies using Sedona devices, and users who benefit from the technology. The community's interest is in furthering Sedona as an open control software environment. Sedona Alliance's purpose is as follows:

  1. Educate the public about Sedona. Sedona source code and documentation are available to developers who create custom components and virtual machines. Reference manuals, videos and sample applications are available to integrators to assist them in developing applications.
  2. Promote Sedona to the controls industry. The benefits of Sedona can be communicated through articles, white papers, websites and participation in trade shows and conferences.
  3. Develop best practices when using Sedona. The development of custom Sedona components and kits is encouraged but should be deployed in a manner that allows for possible sharing.
  4. Encourage continual development under AFL 3.0. Sedona is an open control software environment and any improvements to the technology must remain open to the benefit of the community.
  5. Support unrestricted programming tools. An open control language is only effective if the necessary programming tools are available to everyone in the community.
  6. Foster an environment of technology sharing. Alliance members are encouraged to share applications, custom components and experiences with other members to strengthen the technology so that all members will prosper.
  7. Cooperate with other open organizations. Other open-source organizations and communities that complement Sedona and share the same principles as the Sedona Alliance should be engaged in the spirit of open systems.



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